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About what we do

PIGMENT PRINTED is all about printing – we take your digital photos / artwork and print them as beautiful pigment prints on authentic Hahnemühle fine art papers up to 64″ shortest side. Digital pigment prints are often referred to as Giclée prints.

As experienced printers, the printers we use are calibrated for each paper to ensure accurate colour reproduction and exceptional detail. We offer a wide range of paper options, including smooth, textured, and satin finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect look and feel for your prints. Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to showcase your portfolio or an artist wanting to reproduce your artwork with the utmost precision, PIGMENT PRINTED is here to bring your vision to life. With our state-of-the-art printing technology and commitment to quality, you can trust us to deliver stunning prints that capture the true essence of your images. Experience the beauty and longevity of pigment prints with PIGMENT PRINTED today.

PIGMENT PRINTED is the perfect printing solution for you if you’re happy with a “vanilla printing” service – simple. You choose the paper, the size, provide the file and we get it PIGMENT PRINTED!

Giclée printing or digital pigment printing?

Giclée printing, a technique that originated in the 1990s, quickly gained popularity among artists and photographers due to its exceptional print quality and longevity. The term “giclée” was initially coined to differentiate these digital pigment prints from traditional inkjet prints. Over time, it has become synonymous with high-quality digital printing using archival inks and fine art papers. At PIGMENT PRINTED, we continue the legacy of giclée printing as digital pigment printing, by meticulously reproducing your digital photos or artwork on authentic Hahnemühle fine art papers. Our state-of-the-art printers and skilled technicians ensure that every print captures the intricate details, vibrant colors, and tonal range of your original piece. Whether you’re a professional artist or a photography enthusiast, our commitment to delivering gallery-worthy prints remains unwavering.

What we use

We print on a selection of Hahnemühle fine art papers using a choice of fine art printers with genuine OEM inks for archivability.

  • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 A2 colour photo printer
  • Epson SC-P20000 64″ printer with wide colour gamut and advance black & white photo
    This printer features a K4 ink set; an impressively wide colour gamut, helping to achieve excellent lightfastness, vivid, stable colours, and intense saturation. This new ink set has been extensively tested and scientifically formulated to provide longevity, durability and water-resistance.
    The high quality colour and precision printing of this range brings prints to life. Photographers and Artists can now achieve stunning prints of their work every time, whether it is a fine art print, or the art of fine photography.
  • Epson SC-P9500 Spectro 44″ printer with wide colour gamut and advance black & white photo
    This printer delivers the widest colour gamut for artists and photographers, and the most reliable reproduction for professional proofing.

These prints are perfect for photographers, artist and graphic designers.

Thanks to Lucid Imaging, we have access to these fast high end Epson printers plus bespoke icc profiles for all our paper/printer combination! Lucid Imaging is a Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold partner, Canson Infinity Certified Print Lab, Awagami Select Digital Print Lab and the home to Piezography® Pro in London, UK.

Who are we?

PIGMENT PRINTED provides an accessible printing service for students, providing a stepping stone to fine art printmaking, such as that found at Lucid Imaging. The student discount is subsidised by Lucid Imaging and our aim is in due course to provide experience to students by operating and marketing the service, while learning and earning on the job. Rest assured that your printing is overseen by a Hahnemühle Certified Studio Gold printmaker.

PIGMENT PRINTED is the trading name of PIGMENT PRINTED LTD and is situated in Croydon, Greater London.